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We do things differently than any other salon you’ve ever worked at, or heard about.
Our mission is to provide a space where all team members are valued, no matter how much industry experience you have, and that everyone is treated with kindness and respect.
We’ve learned a lot over the past 8 years, and we’ve grown from every experience, client, and employee that has walked through our doors.

At 16th Off Perry we are a team, we thrive by providing the best customer experience to our clients, and we know that your work environment is integral to maintaining the brand that we have created.


We seek independent stylists that provide a high standard of hair design, cutting, and color services. Stylists will be encouraged to continually update and improve their techniques through qualified education and training programs. You are expected to have knowledge in comprehensive style consultations, providing thorough, sensitive, and accurate services to your clients, demonstrate an outstanding knowledge in your field, emphasizing product benefits, encouraging the use of other services within the salon, and being attentive to client needs to ensure complete guest satisfaction.
Client Base

Our rental booths are designed for candidates that are already established in the field and have their own existing clientele, in addition to cultivating new client relationships.

Before Being Considered

Candidates must have appropriate training, experience, and certification with a current applicable license.

If you meet the above criteria we encourage you to check openings below.

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