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Booth Rentals

A booth rental can be a great choice for beauty professionals, depending on where they are at in their career, that is. For well-established stylists that have built a large clientele, this option makes sense and can help expand their business. However, it is not the ideal option for those just graduating from school. Here are some of the pros and cons of salon booth rentals.

  • (Pro) Set your own rates and hours

  • (Pro) You get to be your own boss

  • (Pro) You get to keep what you earn


  • (Con) You have more responsibility

  • (Con) There are typically more expenses

  • (Con) You don’t get the reputation of larger salons

  • (Con) You don’t get the training, marketing, support and benefits of working for an employee

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Salon Suite Rental

Similar to booth rentals, salon suite rentals are individually rentable salon rooms that health and wellness professionals can use to work on their clients, but in their own personal, spacious, and comfortable salon suite. Our suites are designed for massage therapists and estheticians who can operate in their own private section of the salon without all the risks, expenses, and overhead that comes with traditional salon environments. With salon suite rentals, you have the luxury of working whenever you want, plus a host of other benefits listed below.

  • (Pro) You make your own schedule

  • (Pro) You are likely to make more money

  • (Pro) You get to choose the retail you sell

  • (Pro) Your space is pre-equipped with the essentials you need

  • (Pro) You get to personalize your space